Message from CEO

 It is such a great honour and pleasure to take this opportunity to greet and welcome you to this unique and special website. I would like to extend our special welcome to our Clients and Associates. We are indeed excited and proud to have such great association with you. We are gearing ourselves up to work for our country especially that we are fresh from the National Elections. We must all do our best to do something from our little corners and not sit back and wait for the Government to do everything for us. We must all do our best to rise up and be able to answer the question that says; “What am I doing for my country”? rather than saying “What is my country doing for me?”.

We are living in times when the Labour Law and Labour Relations are changing remarkably. There are fundamental elements that the employers and Trade Unions need to know about the differences between Labour Law and Labour Relations. Labour Law is a system of legally enforceable rules that govern the working relationship between the employer and employees. It governs the relationship between the employer and employee. This is sometimes called “Individual Labour Law”. Labour Law governs the relationship between the trade union and the employer. This is called “Collective Labour Law”. The trade union/employer relationship is often characterised by “the ruffling feathers”, sometimes cooperative. It keeps changing just like weather, depending on the nature of demands from one party and response thereto from time-to-time from the other party.

There is also considerably more to labour law than just the relationship between an employer and employees and/or unions. At the heart of the employer/employee relationship is a contract of employment. This contract accords both parties the reciprocal rights and imposes certain duties. A breach of the employment contract entitles the “innocent” party with contractual remedies.

Moyawa Solutions Consulting provides proper and accurate guidance on interpretation and application of Labour Law and Labour Relations. We also provide Training to Organizations in areas of Labour Law and Labour Relations. In providing guidance in interpretation and application of Labour Law and Labour Relations, we are able to take our clients through the path of case law so that our clients may gain much deeper understanding our esteemed Courts approach Labour Law.

It is not exaggeration nor overstatement to say that to have Moyawa Solutions Consulting on your side is a real peace of mind but this is a statement that comes from our deep sense of humility through our hard work and dedication in delivering the best for our clients.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the best of success to our South African teams that will participate in the CAF Champions League and CAF Confederations Cup in 2015. Let’s all rally behind our teams and refuse to be dictated upon by our domestic soccer politics instead let us all be propelled by patriotism.

We would like to welcome our new clients on board. We look forward to dynamic and much fulfilling professional relationship going forward. Let’s make our country the best in the world.

I would like to welcome our Human Resources Specialist Miss. Philisiwe Ndlovu onto our team. It is indeed a blessing to have such a great talent in our company.

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