What is Moyawa Solutions Consulting

Moyawa Solutions Consulting is a registered consulting company focusing but not limited to the Labour Law and Labour Relations. We also provide Social Facilitation Services for Social Projects. We partner with other entities with similar objectives with ours. At Moyawa Solutions, we pride ourselves with our success record in handling Disciplines, Grievances, Disputes, Strikes, Negotiations and Labour Relations Policy Development for companies. Moyawa Solutions has been the refuge for companies and/or organizations in Civil Construction and Plant Hire, Petroleum, Cleaning Contract, Wholesale and Local Government Sectors.

Moyawa Solutions Consulting provides proper and accurate guidance on interpretation and application of Labour Law and Labour Relations. We also provide Training to Organizations in areas of Labour Law and Labour Relations. In providing guidance in interpretation and application of Labour Law and Labour Relations, we are able to take our clients through the path of case law so that our clients may gain much deeper understanding our esteemed Courts approach Labour Law.

It is not exaggeration nor overstatement to say that to have Moyawa Solutions Consulting on your side is a real peace of mind but this is a statement that comes from our deep sense of humility through our hard work and dedication in delivering the best for our clients.

We would like to welcome our new clients on board. We look forward to dynamic and much fulfilling professional relationship going forward. Let’s make our country the best country in the world!

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